Dirty maverick
Followed the belated passageway
That you saw in your dream
Watered insight, temptress status
If I could be cleansed with you in gladness
I'd see you as you seemed to me back then
Milking my bloody nipples, that you still cant seem to see
Nothing more to me, but a bottler of milk

Regard you as a victim, never known as a nephilim
Took a trip to strum them, conceptualized in deceit den
Giant owl in outer space, kaleidoscoped bodies dont bite
Wallowed into nothing for nobody, herded into plenty
Replacement arrives, mailed straight to the shattered palace
No forgiveness, just grief in a box

Mental disembowelment, no interests in my ticks
Camouflaged girls where all your hearts live
Autopsy deluxe, sweeping past the trees
Vulnerable utensils scrape against the bone
Heartbeat quickens, stricken on the floor
Third party struggle, playing with your farts

Feeling like HE WHO IS SCORN?

Let A Higher Power Enter Your Body.